Internal Transfer

Internal Transfer will provide talents with opportunity to work from one role/location to another within the organization for a period of time for the purpose of professional capabilities enhancement or serving business needs. It supports talents to continue to grow and develop within Greenworks to gain new experiences/skill sets in a new environment. At the same time, it improves understanding of how the different functions or regions within the firm fit together – helping to achieve a 360-degree view of the organization, and at the same time offering new exciting career opportunities.


Employees may apply for a transfer opportunity provided they meet the following requirements:

Meet the minimum experience, skill, and education qualifications for the open position;

Job performance at a satisfactory level;

The approval of the department head;

Internal transfer is a way to help us gain wider and broader experience within the business by performing a different job with new responsibilities that require different skills.

What’s more, it brings more potential opportunities.

To Experience a change of scene and work environment, which requiring us to adapt and learn to manage change, thereby increasing our ability to deal with ambiguity and arouse us potential.

Please contact HR if you are interested in internal transfer.

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