Greenworks, ranking among top three in the market of new energy garden machinery in the United States. Greenworks lawn mowers, blowers and other products have always been in the "Best Seller" at Amzaon all year round, keeping ahead of the market in sales and reputation.

Greenworks Commercial, powered by state-of-the-art 82V Lithium battery system which is more premium than the gas powered ones, is leading commercial users throughout North America to usage of high-voltage, high-performance lithium battery products. As a result, the commercial users can enjoy a lot of benefits from products of no oil, no gas, no emission.  

Globe, manufacturer and brand owner focusing on new energy garden machinery, owns high-quality customer resources by taking omni-channel marketing method. It has established a long term of cooperation with well-known customers in North America and Europe such as Lowe’s, Amazon, Walmart, CTC, Costco, The Home Depot, Harbor Freight Tools, Bauhaus, Leroy Merlin and other supermarkets and e-commerce partner, as well as Stihl, Toro, B&S, Stiga and other well-known brands. To adapt to consumers' purchasing habits, and improve product sales efficiency and stability, by years of operation experience, the company has established an "online + offline" omni-channel marketing system, owns independent brand websites of greenworks (, Powerworks (, Cramer (, which can fully cover potential target consumers.

Vertically integrated intelligent manufacturing system, one of the company's core competitiveness

1,Verticalization: With establishment of product manufacturing system in both China and Vietnam, as well as independent design and manufacturing capabilities of more than 80% of core components such as new energy battery packs, brushless motors, intelligent controllers and chargers, Globe has the product advantages of stable quality, low manufacturing cost and short research and development cycle. 

2,Intelligence: The company has deployed nearly 300 robots and manipulators in factories in China and Vietnam, applied a large number of automated tooling and fixtures, and widely used automatic detection instruments such as CCD and AOI. By application of MES, information of quality, maintenance and material shortages can be timely transferred to the APP on the mobile of corresponding management personnel, also online real-time monitoring and recording of various process parameters can be realized. Through hundreds of automated production lines, unmanned and automated production have been realized in stamping and coating, injection molding as well as manufacturing of motors and battery packs, thus three provincial-level intelligent manufacturing plants are born.

3,Informatization: Driven by orders, 90% of which are MTO. The production order will planned by APS, the advanced scheduling system. The whole production process will be tracked and monitored by MES that is a production execution system. Finally, the finished product will be arranged to move out of stock by the product packing system in which the order delivery information will also be fed back to the customer to complete the closed loop.